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Asheville Auto Detailing

Asheville Auto Detailing is something that used to be a luxury, but has now become commonplace for the typical vehicle owner. It is more than getting your “car washed”, even if by hand. Specific and detailed care goes into making sure we get down and deep to clean where others normally do not. Places such as the engine and undercarriage of your vehicle, and also any surface blemishes, oxidation and embedded dirt.

We provide auto detailing services to the Asheville and Hendersonville areas, whether it is a one-time occasion, or a weekly service. We also work with auto dealerships to make their vehicles extremely clean and looking as new as possible.

Express Detail – $35

  • Hand Wash and Chamois Dry
  • Wheel Cleaning and optional Tire Shine
  • Quick Interior Vacuum
  • Clean Interior Windows
  • Wipe Down

Interior Detail – Standard Car $100, Large SUV $125

  • All Doorjambs Deep Cleaned
  • All Vinyl Leather and Rubber Deep Cleaned including Dash, Console and Doors
  • Thorough Vacuuming of all Carpets, Mats, Seats, Nooks and Crannies

Exterior Detail – Standard Car $100, Large SUV $125

  • Hand Wash and Chamois Dry
  • Professionally Polish and Hand Wax
  • Bug Removal
  • Deep Clean Wheels and Fender Wells
  • Thoroughly Clean and Dress Under Hood
  • Optional Tire New or Tire

Deluxe Detail – Standard Car $175, Large SUV $225

  • Full Basic Detail Plus
  • Apply Compound to Remove Swirls/Oxidation
  • Apply Cleaner Wax and Professional High Gloss Polish, Bug Rain-Ex all Windows
  • Interior Conditioning and Protective Dressing
  • Scotch Guard all Cloth and Carpets
  • Thoroughly Shampoo and Extract all Carpets and Seats

Ultimate Detail – Standard Car $225, Large SUV $275

  • Deluxe Detail- Plus-
  • Prepare Paint Surface with Clay Cleaning to Remove Contaminants, Grease, Industrial Fallout, and Invisible Particles in Clear Coat Surface
  • Three Stage Professional Buffing Process to Bring Back that Like New Shine
  • Protect with Industry Standard Paint Sealant for a Long Lasting Finish
  • Professional Head Light Restoration
  • Upgrade from Extractor to Steam Cleaning
  • Free Stain Removal Carpet Dyeing if needed
  • Exterior Plastic Molding Dye upon request