How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Car

How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Car 

Winter is rough on vehicles, there’s no two ways about it. Cold weather can impact everything from your battery to your tires and affect not only performance but safety. Since not driving isn’t really a viable option, what can you do to minimize the wear and tear that the weather can inflict on your car, truck, or SUV?

Let’s look at some common issues that winter weather can cause when it comes to your vehicle.

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Winter is a rough time on your car. Luckily, that car protects you. It keeps you warm and gets you where you need to be – unless it breaks down. There are ways that you can prepare your car for the worst that winter throws at you. Do these things and your car is much more likely to make it through without a problem. Even if a problem does arrive, there are still preparations you can make to ensure you get through it safely:

What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car Accident

The average driver will be involved in about four accidents within their lifetimes. This is a startling statistic – and all the more reason to use caution on the roads. Of the millions of accidents that occur annually in the US, most involve property damage only: while you never consider yourself “lucky,” to have been in a car crash, when the only damage is to your vehicle, you are indeed fortunate. What you do after a car accident is critical in terms of insurance and legal matters – as well as in protecting your physical health and safety.

What Sets First Aid Collision Apart?

What sets First Aid Collision apart Asheville, NC

Whether you’ve been in an accident, dinged up your car during a hail storm, or have a dent that needs to be fixed, there is no shortage of auto body repair shops in the Asheville, North Carolina area. But not all of them are created equal! You need fast, friendly service and great results. First Aid Collision stands apart from the pack: we’ll fix you right up!

How Tropical Weather Can Impact Your Vehicle

Asheville and Arden are not necessarily areas you might expect to encounter tropical weather; however, the remnants of tropical storms and hurricane making landfall on the coasts of the Carolinas or the Gulf can wreak havoc in our area. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo maintained its strength and brought significant damage to western North Carolina. As recently as 2018, two systems Hurricanes Frances and Michael, brought heavy rains, high winds, and landslides to our South Asheville.

If tropical weather does impact our area this season or in the future, it could have a profound impact on your vehicle. In this post, we are discussing ways in which tropical weather could damage your car, and what you should do if it happens.

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

Arden is a great place filled with wonderful people. In the past few decades, especially in the five years, several businesses have started or opened new locations in our area. Thousands of new residents have moved to Arden and South Asheville as well. There no better place to live, work and drive.  We are proud to be a part of this community. In this post, we want to help our neighbors with tips and advice on how to choose the right body shop.

Accidents Happen…..

There are more drivers and vehicles on the road today than ever before. All that driving adds up to an average of 6 million accidents each year in the United States alone! * That breaks down to about 16,438 accidents every day! The reality of driving is, if you do it long enough, you’re almost guaranteed to be involved in one.

Fact: Folks who don’t wear their seat belt are 30X more likely to be ejected from their vehicle during a crash. Despite those odds, and despite the fact that wearing one drastically reduces your risk of death by 45% and serious injury by 50%, amazingly 1 out of 7 drivers or passengers still don’t wear one.

As reflected by the numbers above, accidents happen quite frequently. Odds are if you drive or ride in a vehicle daily, you will find out first hand! There are a number of things […]

First Aid Collision

When you’re looking for an auto collision repair shop in Asheville and Western North Carolina, there are lots of choices. Not all collision shops are created equal! Here’s what makes First Aid Collision your best choice: Our special mix of high quality materials, extensive experience, and top-notch customer service.


First Aid Collision is a full-service body shop located in the Arden area of South Asheville. Whether you’ve been in a collision, or your car or truck has collected its share of road and parking lot scrapes and dings, we can make it look as good as new.

At First Aid Collision work isn’t a four-letter word. A hard day’s work is what brings us together. The pride we take in that work is what gets us pumped to do more. Keeping you safe and getting […]

New Owners of First Aid Auto

From Fletcher to Arden, new owner Joe LaBruno is excited for the new venture, collision center First Aid Auto. Jennifer & Doug Mielke have left a great name for themselves – having run First Aid Auto for over 10 years. It is with our humbled honor to uphold the First Aid Auto values and business practices, bringing you a family owned and operated collision repair center.

Joe LaBruno has owned a reputable mechanical vehicle repair and maintenance center in Fletcher for 13 years. He has scouted top industry collision specialist and retained staff to bring you an eager, ready to “wow”, new and improved collision center.

Come meet us at First Aid Auto anytime Monday – Friday 8am-5pm. Our phone number hasn’t changed, 828-684-4484.

We look forward to helping you!

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I have two friends who could hardly be more different from one another, and yet, both are faced with similar monumental decisions that will change their lives forever. For one, this choice is a test that every parent must eventually face. The moment when your child is no longer a child. That murky hormonally charged precipice when one is tempted to cast their parental safety net into the adult realm…or to let their grown child go. In the case of my other friend, even though there is no child involved, they stand at an almost identical crossroads. A seminal moment where the agonizing loosing of the reins of their life’s work is the only way to let a new dream fully bloom. At this time of year, as the Christian world celebrates the birth of its Christ, these two have deepened my understanding of this holiday. Their willingness […]