Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Dent and Ding Repair 

Why You Shouldn’t Neglect Dent and Ding Repair Dents and dings are part of every vehicle owner’s life. No matter how careful you are, you cannot always avoid those stray shopping carts, hail, distracted drivers, fender benders, and other hazards to your car’s paint job. While this type of minor damage does not affect how your rig rides, it is important to address dents, dings, scratches, and scrapes as soon as you can.

You know the expression, a stitch in time saves nine? Turns out that it applies to cars as well as life! Taking a little time and spending a little money now will help you avoid extensive, and expensive, issues down the road. Here are 5 reasons why you should make an appointment with your trusted dent repair experts. Continue reading

How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Car

How Winter Weather Can Damage Your Car Winter is rough on vehicles, there’s no two ways about it. Cold weather can impact everything from your battery to your tires and affect not only performance but safety. Since not driving isn’t really a viable option, what can you do to minimize the wear and tear that the weather can inflict on your car, truck, or SUV?

Let’s look at some common issues that winter weather can cause when it comes to your vehicle. Continue reading

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Preparing Your Car for Winter

Winter is a rough time on your car. Luckily, that car protects you. It keeps you warm and gets you where you need to be – unless it breaks down. There are ways that you can prepare your car for the worst that winter throws at you. Do these things and your car is much more likely to make it through without a problem. Even if a problem does arrive, there are still preparations you can make to ensure you get through it safely: Continue reading

What to Do After a Car Accident

What to Do After a Car AccidentThe average driver will be involved in about four accidents within their lifetimes. This is a startling statistic – and all the more reason to use caution on the roads. Of the millions of accidents that occur annually in the US, most involve property damage only: while you never consider yourself “lucky,” to have been in a car crash, when the only damage is to your vehicle, you are indeed fortunate. What you do after a car accident is critical in terms of insurance and legal matters – as well as in protecting your physical health and safety. Continue reading

What Sets First Aid Collision Apart?

What sets First Aid Collision apart Asheville, NC

Whether you’ve been in an accident, dinged up your car during a hail storm, or have a dent that needs to be fixed, there is no shortage of auto body repair shops in the Asheville, North Carolina area. But not all of them are created equal! You need fast, friendly service and great results. First Aid Collision stands apart from the pack: we’ll fix you right up! Continue reading

How Tropical Weather Can Impact Your Vehicle

How Tropical Weather Can Impact Your VehicleAsheville and Arden are not necessarily areas you might expect to encounter tropical weather; however, the remnants of tropical storms and hurricane making landfall on the coasts of the Carolinas or the Gulf can wreak havoc in our area. In 1989 Hurricane Hugo maintained its strength and brought significant damage to western North Carolina. As recently as 2018, two systems Hurricanes Frances and Michael, brought heavy rains, high winds, and landslides to our South Asheville.

If tropical weather does impact our area this season or in the future, it could have a profound impact on your vehicle. In this post, we are discussing ways in which tropical weather could damage your car, and what you should do if it happens. Continue reading

How to Choose an Auto Body Shop

How to Choose an Auto Body ShopArden is a great place filled with wonderful people. In the past few decades, especially in the five years, several businesses have started or opened new locations in our area. Thousands of new residents have moved to Arden and South Asheville as well. There no better place to live, work and drive.  We are proud to be a part of this community. In this post, we want to help our neighbors with tips and advice on how to choose the right body shop. Continue reading

Holiday Letter

Letting Go

I have two friends who could hardly be more different from one another, and yet, both are faced with similar monumental decisions that will change their lives forever.
For one, this choice is a test that every parent must eventually face. The moment when your child is no longer a child. That murky hormonally charged precipice when one is tempted to cast their parental safety net into the adult realm…or to let their grown child go.
In the case of my other friend, even though there is no child involved, they stand at an almost identical crossroads. A seminal moment where the agonizing loosing of the reins of their life’s work is the only way to let a new dream fully bloom.
At this time of year, as the Christian world celebrates the birth of its Christ, these two have deepened my understanding of this holiday. Their willingness to relinquish their hold on the most important things in their lives in the name of love has changed the way I view the Christian advent.
The symbol of the Creator of the universe giving up his first born to suffer the depths of human indignity and estrangement is the center piece of the most sacred of all Christian mysteries. It is frightening to contemplate releasing our life’s most precious things into this broken world filled with uncertainty, misery and evil.
My two friends have given me a glimpse into the sacrificial way that the God of love rules the universe. Their willingness to let go of the rudder and trust the invisible winds of love to guide their most precious cargo to port marks a decisive step toward spiritual maturity. The risk of relinquishing protective control and guidance is a recognition that the constraints of love are ill served by immutable power. This divine wisdom is founded on the premise that the hearts of men will never be won over by infallible wisdom, lofty piety or some nuclear blast of celestial glory.
However, a world ruled by a God who “lets go”…is a world of anxious struggles and discouraging obstacles. In our infantile spiritual state we long for someone or something to shield us and take control. We are tempted to join with the rabble that chose Caesar while simultaneously rejecting the Messiah. In our immaturity, it is all to easy to bow before rulers, earthly or divine, when such figures promise to take control and offer us security in this broken and unpredictable world. But my two friends have reminded me that the price-tag of such homage is too high. Surrendering our freedom and spiritual dignity is to much to pay for gaining control over our unpredictable lives.
So…during this Advent season I have determined to follow my friends lead. Like them, I am aspiring to grow a little and mature enough to “let go”…to loosen my grip on the guardianship of my life, along with the people and the things that I love. Such letting go inevitably leaves a great vacancy of uncertainty and doubt, therefore…I also want to resist filling that uncomfortable void with the excesses of this digitally spun postmodern age. Filled people are no longer useful. Filled people have no capacity for any real depth of compassion or sorrow…the sacred ground where the Spirit sows and germinates its seeds of love.
As I celebrate with family and friends this season, a couple of millenniums removed from those two homeless refugees that were forced to give birth in a stable, I hope to emulate my two wise friends. I’m endeavoring to “let go” and make sure that there is still room left at the inn

First Aid Auto Launches New Website

First Aid Auto Asheville Website Blog

After many years on the scene, First Aid Auto of Asheville North Carolina has recently launched their new website featuring the main areas of service they have been providing to the community. These include Auto Body Repair, Paintless Dent Repair, Hail Damage Repair, and Auto Detailing. As you can see, we are really excited about being online with the site and we are serious about business. Let us know if and when we can assist you.